Change Log


*Hyperlinked number of group members now opens a group-filtered view of the Expert Directory.
*Added filters for state, tags on the group list
*Added export of the group list with current filtered results
*Added a state group’s statistics tab to dashboard
*Client names shouldn’t be added to the knowledgebase in future questions
*Collaborators are now emailed on being added to a Question
*Fixed a bug that caused unedited fields to show as edited in the question thread view
*Fixed an error in pagination on the client-side knowledgebase page


*A few small fixes to optimize page load time
*Switched the search box on the homepage to use the mindbreeze search
*Added a ‘questions’ tab to group profiles
*Fixed a bug where the reassignment box would prematurely attempt to assign an expert if you hit enter
*Location changes should now show the name of the location in the timeline (as opposed to the ID number)
*All ‘add new expert’ page-breaking bugs should now be fixed
*Fixed a broken link in the knowledgebase
*Unified the admin-side list of experts and the expert-side list of experts
*Fixed a PHP error that occurred after users were timed out in the expert panel