Ask Extension Transition

New Ask an Expert Coming This Fall

Ask an Expert is transitioning to a new platform this fall. In order to extend the life of Ask an Expert which is running on an updated technology platform, the tool is moving to an open source platform called osTicket and will be renamed Ask Extension.

It’s a Phased Transition

Groups and institutions have approximately three months to update their question answering workflow. The transition will begin with Phase 1 around August 1st and continue through around January 15th. You can find complete details in the Transition Timeline.

Be an Early Adopter and Help Pilot the Transition

The first phase involves working with individual groups and updating their widgets to receive questions in the new system. This approach allows us test the scaling of the new system and work out any interface and workflow issues experts might encounter. Sign up to get the new widget code for you site.

Become a Pilot Group

For additional background, read more about The Ask Extension Pilot Program on Connect eXtension.

The Transition Timeline

Below is a high level summary of the transition. View the full detailed timeline.

Phase 0

Initial communication

Phase 1
August 15 to September 15

Pilot groups answer widget questions in the Ask Extension (concurrently with Ask an Expert)

Phase 2
September 15 (this date and the following have shifted later)

All widget traffic is transitioned to Ask Extension

Phase 3
October 1

All traffic to transitioned to Ask Extension

Phase 4
November 15

Ask an Expert is shut down

Phase 5
December 15

Ask Extension domain is moved back to

Phase 6
January 15

Ask Extension domain decommissioned