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Learn about advanced ways to filter and search for specific questions: Advanced Search Options

Learn about Reporting in Ask Extension

Learn about Creating and managing a New Group

Learn about creating Automated Surveys

I’m an Expert, now what???

How to use the Question Widget

How to create a new Expert

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Claiming User Account

Update: Ask an Expert accounts created after August 12 were not migrated with the initial export and you will need to have an account created in the new system. Anyone with an expert account can create the account for you.

User Profile Settings

Update: There is a new auto-assign setting not reflected in the screencast below. You no longer need to use the vacation mode setting to prevent automatic question assignment. (see screenshot below the video)

Profile > Groups > Auto-assign setting

Simple Answer to a Question

Reassigning Questions

Embedding Your Group’s Ask Widget

Creating New Expert Accounts

Creating and Managing Groups