Automated Survey Email

In this post, I will discuss how to configure automated survey emails that can be sent to clients following a successfully answered questions.

This feature is configured at the group level. To activate it, go to your group’s settings and click the Email Survey tab and check the Enable for this Group check box. Next, in the Email Survey Subject field, you will enter the email subject for the survey email that will be sent to your clients. In the Days before sending… field you enter the number of days after a question is closed that the email will be sent. My recommendation is to be generous with this field. Something like 14 or 30 days will ensure that a question has been fully resolved, giving you extra time for any follow-up responses that might come from the client. Then the final paragraph section at the bottom will contain the message you will send out to your clients. The same email will go out to all clients and it will not contain any questions or client-specific information. Here is an example of something you might send out:

Thank you for recently submitting a question to Ask Extension at the My State University.

Please help us evaluate this service and its impact by completing a brief survey.

Responses provided will help us understand the impact of Ask Extension and identify how we can improve.

<Link to Survey>

This is just a super simple example and it is entirely up to your group what you would like the verbiage of the email to be. Also, note the <Link to Survey>. Here you would insert a link to some sort of general survey. It could be something like a Google Form, Qualtrics or Survey Monkey.