I’m an expert, now what???

At this point, you should have received a confirmation email along with creating a new password for your Ask Extension account. Here are the next steps:

-Login to https://ask2.extension.org/ then click the Profile link in the upper right-hand corner, then add or update this page. Be sure to take yourself off of Vacation Mode if that box is checked.

-Next, click on the Groups tab. Check your group assignments and verify that they are correct. If there are groups you would like to be a part of you can use the “Search Groups” box at the bottom of the page to find groups. Click in the box and begin typing a few letters of the name of the group and a list of groups matching that string should appear. You can then click the group name, then click the “Add” button to add the group to your list. You should then configure the notifications for the group. The Alerts check box means you will receive an email notification for each question that comes into your group. The “Enable Autoassign” check box will add you to the round-robin assignment of questions that come into your group.

-Edit your tags. Tags allow other users to find you in the system based on your expertise. Click on the Tags tab and you can search and add tags to your profile. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button after adding tags to your profile.

If you have other questions please contact askhelp@extension.org